Floover, an expert in continuous flooring that embraces the development of new systems based on this specific material, has launched a new vinyl solution with herringbone installation. The brand offers a total of 6 different herringbone designs, all of them in stock with a 0.55 mm layer of use.

Installation piece by piece in order to achieve spectacular results: classic, elegant and also fantastic for trendy environments. In addition, the product can be installed glued or floating.

Being vinyl, not only a visually impressive installation is achieved, but its high technical qualities make it a unique product:

  • Allows daily cleaning for proper disinfection
  • 100% waterproof
  • Very high noise reduction level
  • Does not transmit static electricity
  • Silent and comfortable thanks to its flexibility and thickness
  • Installation in floating or gluing
  • Very realistic textures

Its application can be residential (homes and common areas) or commercial (hotels, shops, offices, etc.). We have matching profiles and tools to carry out a correct installation in order to achieve professional finishes.