Tarimatec's commitment to the environment has continued to grow in recent years. One reason for this is the recent certification that certifies that all the processes and products it markets are committed to the sustainability of the planet. 

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) assesses the environmental impact of a product throughout its life cycle in accordance with the International Standard UNE-EN ISO 14025. 

This certificate allows Tarimatec to become the perfect material to make an excellent contribution of points in projects that seek to obtain a good score in environmental certifications such as LEED, BREEAM or GREEN.

Products made from rice husk

Tarimatec has its own material to produce its outdoor decking and decorative profiles. Fiber-Stone Composite, the brand's material, is composed of: 50% vegetable fiber that comes from rice husk, this material, in addition to a high percentage of recycled and recovered material, has a high percentage of recovered vegetable fiber: rice husk, which, in addition to taking advantage of a waste, having its origin in Valencia, the carbon footprint for transportation is minimal. This, together with the fact that 100% of its suppliers are national, further optimizes this parameter.

"Tarimatec has valorized more than 5,000,000 kg of rice husk, which also provides excellent properties".

But this strict certification requires an exhaustive review of the entire manufacturing process of the product, assessing its degree of environmental commitment.

In this sense, Tarimatec, by manufacturing directly from dry blend, saves the process of manufacturing pellets and therefore consumes half of the electrical energy, in addition to using approximately 60% of renewable energy.


One of the most important aspects valued by this sustainability statement is the shelf life of the product itself. Tarimatec is designed to have a useful life of 25 years. However, after disassembly, the entire Tarimatec product range is 100% recyclable, including all accessories and components.

For all these reasons, Tarimatec has become a perfect material for professionals who want to include a sustainable material with an exceptional design, capable of creating spaces of enormous uniqueness.