One more year, Tarimatec has once again trusted Pía Paisajismo to shape its space in Casa Decor. A project that has already surprised designers, interior designers, landscapers and architects, and that is setting trends thanks to the new decorative panel that the firm has shown for the first time.

Aris Onna covers a part of the spectacular courtyard of Serrano, 92, which has become an urban rice field that allows a direct connection with Valencian nature. 

ONNA is a decorative frieze of technological wood that transports you to the coast, where the ocean meets the horizon and the waves of the sea unfold with a constant and relaxing rhythm.

Inspire your senses, transform your spaces

Experience the magic of the sea in your indoor and outdoor spaces with the Aris Onna decorative panel. Inspired by the undulations of the sea, its design and distinctive grooved finish bring a touch of freshness and dynamism to projects that crave a natural style. 

Inspired by the beauty of ocean waves, Onna is made with Tarimatec's highest quality, which means it is not only durable and resistant, but also eco-friendly and easy to maintain. The texture of the natural wood and the softness of the wavy lines combine to create an elegant and sophisticated design that enriches any space.

Ilustración 1 Casa Decor 2023 por Pia Paisajismo. Fotografía de Asier Rua

Let Onna take you on a journey through time and space, to the coast, where the waves of the sea become a soft and constant melody that envelops you in an atmosphere of calm and tranquility. Discover the beauty of nature in your own home with Onna, part of the ARIS collection of decorative friezes that hold a unique and special story.