The Hotel La Villa Douce is situated in Rayol Canadel Sur Mer in France. The installation was done in June 2017 using Nordic-style furniture.

Located in the high elevation of Rayol-Canadel, Villa Douce has this amazing view that calls out your attention during the entire day. The Villa Douce is a hotel with a different kind of elegance, is a peaceful haven. From the moment you arrive its vibe calls out for relaxation.

This very same feeling of relaxation is exactly what the hotel wanted to transmit in its renovation process. Harmony and simplicity are the two of the key renovation elements and the Nordic-style living offers just that.

We may argue that the interior design of commercial spaces, especially having to do with contract-grade furniture, is perhaps a very complex one. It’s a complex one because the spaces, aside from requiring a clear design intent, must also take into account the wide range of end users and their tastes. The big challenge is creating a space where everyone can feel welcomed and above all making the guests feel right at home. In this contract-grade project that main challenge was achieved using the Nordic furniture style to create charming spaces but also relaxing. In this project we can point out pieces from TM SILLERIAS such as the lounge chair model 9180 with its special design with solid ash wood legs that swivel.