Krønasår - The Hotel-Museum: welcome to the new Europa-Park themed hotel in Rust; the amusement park located between Strasbourg and Freiburg with Golden Ticket awards as the best amusement park in the world. A themed world based on the legendary lost Norse island of Rulantica with its own hotel.

As a supplier of complete products, Villeroy & Boch supplied the sanitary ware as well as the custom-designed tableware for the restaurant and bar facilities.

A museum feeling

Hotel Krønasår feels like a real museum thanks to interior design details such as natural history exhibits, glass cabinets filled with discovered objects, and ceiling-height bookcases. The creative highlight is a giant sea serpent whose skeleton snakes its way up the stairway to the sixth floor.

The bathrooms in the rooms and suites have been equipped with products from Villeroy & Boch. Villeroy & Boch has supplied more than 1,000 sanitary ware: more than 400 Loop & Friends concealed sinks, 30 Loop & Friends bathtubs, more than 300 hand-washed concrete sinks and 370 wall-hung toilets from the Architectura range. The selected products allow for different bathroom designs: the rectangular and oval concealed sinks are perfectly suited to laundry areas with a wood or stone look and allow for single or double sink solutions. Memento rectangular sinks offer practical storage despite their size.