This project performed in the city of Vigo, province of Pontevedra in the month of May of 2018, represents the Mexican culture and tradition because it is a place specialized in Mexican tacos. Happy to have been able to collaborate in this installation with furniture of our company TM Sillerias, being the chair model Ref. 2212, with wooden seat, one of the protagonists of the space, thanks to the use of solid beech wood of first quality in all its design and structure. This chair stands out for its versatile and timeless design with a clear Nordic style. This chair is very consistent with the space in which it is given the great use and importance of wood in the taqueria. Another element to highlight is the lighting thanks to its minimalist style, providing a fine and simple design, providing the right industrial touch.

Restaurant with high ceilings in which the area of ​​bar, pink area and yellow area have a design on the ceiling formed by wooden slats from which hang the lamps accompanied by their cables, all very appropriate and with very correct design, transmitting the essence of Mexico. In the green zone the lamps are placed on the wall itself, also with the wiring seen.

Another important point is the detail of the separator to create intimacy to the bottom area through a wall with geometric design created with wooden slats. Leaving the light from the outside of the room and without totally isolating the two zones.