The new offices of the Interior Architecture Studio Arquitalia in the heart of the Salamanca district at Calle Ortega y Gasset 81 in Madrid have been designed with a special focus on lighting, using Faro Barcelona luminaires to create a cozy and attractive atmosphere.

The project intended that customers who visit the studio feel at home and see different design proposals that they can perfectly adapt to their homes. The premises consist of two floors, a ground floor at street level and a basement floor. 

One of the most impressive features of the studio is the use of natural light, which enters through large windows facing the exterior. To complement this natural light, they have added accent lighting. Below you will find details of the luminaires that have been used: 

On the ground floor at street level, just past a small foyer area with some armchairs, as a waiting room and with very dim lighting, there is a meeting room that can be seen from the street itself, this room is illuminated with our NESO track projector and the NESO HOLE, a luminaire of this family that is added to the tracks with the magnetic system.

With a color temperature of 3000K, this recessed luminaire allows to creation of warm and comfortable environments. This luminaire, being flush-mounted, offers many lighting possibilities as it is possible to add or modify elements.

After this area, we find the work area, with 6 workstations perfectly illuminated by suspended VIA luminaires. This system, designed for the general illumination of spaces, allows the creation of continuous lines of light. We can also build different formats using the corner fixture. It can be used in surface, suspension, or recessed installations.

Next to the work area, there is a soundproof booth to talk on the phone without disturbing colleagues, the furniture is inspired by a relaxation or reading area, here the wall lamp, mounted on vinyl wallpaper, is our OVO model. A collection of wall lights designed by Estudi Ribaudí ideal for decorative lighting and has an accessory to direct the diffuser and direct the light according to the needs of the moment.

Leaving this room, we have a small meeting or work area with a high table and stools, on the table, there are acoustic panels to attenuate the noise of the studio conversations. This area is illuminated with the MINE suspended luminaire with three lights customized by the ceiling height. This pendant is designed by Nahtrang and features a metal structure and a polycarbonate diffuser. The material and the light flowing through the diffuser bring great warmth and comfort to the space.

Our NASE-2 recessed light in white has been used for the staircase lighting. This recessed luminaire is ideal for illuminating signage and passageways. In addition, thanks to its IP and the fact that it is made of aluminium and polycarbonate, it is ideal for illuminating gardens and terraces.

Overall, the Arquitalia Architecture Studio is an excellent example of how Faro Barcelona luminaires can be used to create an elegant and welcoming workspace. The combination of natural and artificial light produces a balanced and pleasant environment that is ideal for creative work and team collaboration.