In a world where flexibility and adaptability are key in the working environment, flexible workspaces are becoming an ever-growing trend. The new offices of the Lexington Diagonal 545 business centre is a perfect example of this evolution, where an innovative lighting project has been carried out to create modern and welcoming working environments. At the heart of this transformation are carefully selected lighting products that not only meet aesthetic standards but also support sustainability and occupant wellbeing.


Lexington Business Centre Diagonal 545

General characteristics (category, public...)

One of the most prominent areas of this project are the "Phone Booths", which have become fundamental elements in flexible workspaces. These booths offer a quiet and private place to make phone calls or video conferences without interruptions. To ensure adequate lighting in these spaces, Faro Lab's Luang wall light has been used.

The LUANG model, available in beige and camel finishes, blends in perfectly with the minimalist and contemporary design of the phone boxes. Its soft, diffused light creates a relaxing and productive atmosphere, making calls and meetings much more comfortable. In addition, these fixtures comply with energy efficiency standards, thus supporting the concern for the environment that is central to this project. 

Canteen Bar Floor 5: FARO LIANA Pendant Lamp

Floor 5 of the L'Illa Complex houses a canteen bar that serves as a meeting point for the occupants. Lighting in this area is essential to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. To achieve this, the Liana suspended lamp has been chosen, which adds a touch of elegance and modernity to the bar.