Sonae Arauco’s product portfolio is part of the most recent Nova School of Business and Economics campus in Carcavelos, Portugal – an outstanding project with European highlight. Conceived and designed as a hub for international talent attraction, in an area of 83.000 m2, the space will receive up to 5 thousand students in the academic year that now begins.

The campus has several materials from Innovus collection, such as unicolours – with attractive colours – and Coloured MDF panels – unique by their organic look and by the diversity of its tones. The most recent finishes of Innovus have also a role on this project: Stucco – inspired in industrial scenarios, urban lofts and natural materials – and Fusion – with the look of natural hand carved wood – will ignite the desire to touch and feel.

For Vitor Carvalho Araújo, responsible for the project, “the space provides an integrated answer: while assuring proper lighting and sound conditions, the coating options are the most expressive support in the different spaces. The large use of wall coatings and panels for dividing spaces has guaranteed the functionality and the aesthetics coherence. For this architect, these coating solutions answer to the most demanding technical requirements – resistance, flexibility, sound insulation, constructive process and maintenance”, while exploring different colours and textures.