In the heart of the Azca district, at number 33 of Madrid's Edgard Neville street, is where you can find the recently remodelled COITT headquarters, a space designed by Sastre & Sastre Arquitectura in collaboration with Cristian Herraiz and Nomad Espacios.

The space breathes the elegance required by the College of Engineers, largely due to the selection of furnishings by ANSE, which among other brands has relied on JG for the outfitting of work places.

This project has served to remodel the initial space of more than 1,000m2, placing the school in an area of just over 300m2 in the first phase to later address the second phase.

This area has spectacular meeting rooms equipped with Adapta2 plus in titanium and oak, combined with AMT cabinets. The rest of the facilities have auxiliary equipment from other brands for the rest areas and workstations in Adapta2 plus and Qbuc for the back office.

Phase 2 houses a space of just over 700m2 destined to the creation of another "business unit", in this case to adapt a coworking space equipped according to a different aesthetic and functional criterion.