Cineteatro Caracas, now called Teatro Municipal de Oliveira de Azeméis, has reopened its doors after being transformed into a more contemporary concept.

The idea was to give each concert hall its own personality and unique decorative solutions that would automatically be interpreted as elements making this new space stand out. 

The Grand Auditorium, as the main concert hall, was remodelled with Innovus Essence Cinnamon Oak (M8002) “for a more sophisticated, high quality character”. In the Small Auditorium, the main highlight is the sensation of comfort the wood provides and the Multipurpose Hall, designed as a multifunctional space, whether for rehearsals and small events or even to be reserved as dressing rooms, was finished with Innovus Coloured MDF Deep Black.

For the team from the architecture studio, the texture and natural feel of the Innovus materials influenced the project concept and, at the end, “this difference is clearly felt in the sensorial perception of the space”.