Integrating nature and modernity through Faro Barcelona's lighting, the El Arabi project, carried out by ARDEstudio, is an interesting proposal that stands out for its combination of natural and modern elements, with the aim of creating a welcoming and luminous atmosphere that fits in perfectly with the Mediterranean environment.

Lighting is key to achieving a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere, and in this project special attention has been paid to it. In this project, special attention has been paid to lighting, and Faro Barcelona has been the brand chosen to achieve this magical effect. Below you will find details of which ones have been used:

General lighting of the house 

The GAS white recessed luminaire has been used to illuminate the whole house in general, as it offers a uniform and pleasant light as it is a low luminance recessed luminaire. This luminaire provides a perfect light for interior lighting.

Bedroom lighting

For the lighting in the master bedroom, the MOY wall/ceiling lamp in gold has been used, located above the bedside tables. This luminaire provides a soft, warm light that contributes to creating a relaxing and cosy atmosphere.

Lighting for children's rooms

For the children's rooms, the SEVEN white ceiling lamp has been selected, which provides a soft and homogeneous light, perfect for creating a relaxing and cosy atmosphere.

Kitchen lighting

In the kitchen, the black STAN pendant lamp has been used above the breakfast bar, adding a modern and elegant touch to this space. This pendant is made of aluminium and has a transparent polycarbonate diffuser. STAN is a series of indoor luminaires that provides uniform light.

Outdoor lighting

In the courtyard, the grey TONE wall lamp above the kitchen exit door provides a discreet but functional light that allows you to enjoy this space even at night. This outdoor wall lamp is designed by Nahtrang. Its rounded shape gives it a modern look, and the subtlety of its structure highlights the oval diffuser that gives depth to the lamp. You can find the series in our online shop

Finally, the CANON wall lamp in dark grey, located on the outdoor terrace. This modern style LED wall lamp for outdoor lighting is made of die-cast aluminium and tempered glass diffuser. The light source is HIGH POWER LED 3,7W 3000K 130Lm. This wall lamp with a beam of light at the bottom is ideal for decorative lighting in gardens and terraces, offering a functional and discreet lighting that allows you to enjoy this space also at night.

In conclusion, this project is a clear example of how the combination of natural materials and avant-garde design can create unique and welcoming spaces that blend perfectly into their surroundings. The choice of Faro Barcelona lighting products, in harmony with the rest of the design and aesthetics, has been key to achieving a bright, warm and welcoming atmosphere that reflects the essence of the Mediterranean.