We show you the latest project for the Gardens of the Old Riverbed of the River Turia, in the eight section.

 It consists of four public toilet modules for the users of the Turia Gardens. The result is a public service module that blends in with its surroundings, with a structure that is open to the exterior and completely naturally ventilated, created using sustainable and environmentally friendly Tarimatec materials. The building is composed of a light roof supported by a structural lattice, with a permeable image, completely open and ventilated. The vertical envelope is made up of the Tarimatec Annapurna 40 truss, which houses a skeleton of steel micropillars. It is finished in the Ipe colour from the Wood collection, and has a pore-closing treatment to protect it from the inclemency of the weather. As for the lighting, it is an electrical supply connected to the municipal electricity grid. The lighting is all low-consumption LED lighting. The project was led by architects Marina Bernardo and Isabel Señer of the Valencian studio Versea Arquitectura.