Every detail counts to create an inspiring and functional environment in a coworking. In the case of Impact Hub Malaga, the interior design and lighting project has been key to create an environment conducive to collaboration and creativity. Carmen Cilveti Lapeira and Lidia Alvarez Vallejo, have used Faro Barcelona luminaires and have managed to transform this space into a vibrant and welcoming place.

A touch of contemporary style with the Mute collection 

The Mute collection, designed by Nahtrang, was an outstanding choice for the lighting project. Its design brings a touch of contemporary style to the shared coworking spaces. The combination of clean lines and subtle geometric shapes creates a visually appealing aesthetic with soft, even lighting.

Versatility and precision with Stan

To illuminate specific zones and highlight work areas, the Stan track spotlight was the choice. Its adjustable and directional design allows the light to be directed with precision, providing focused and functional illumination.

Creativity comes alive with Mine

These pendant luminaires, with their modern and avant-garde design, bring a touch of originality and creativity to the environment. Thanks to their geometric shapes and white finish, the Mine lamps designed by Nahtrang add a distinctive touch to any space.

Functionality with Via Evo

To complete the lighting project, the Via Evo pendant lamp has a recessed ceiling rose that provides a clean and discreet installation. With its modern and sophisticated design, it brings elegance to spaces and provides ideal lighting for concentration.