“Modern, attractive and functional”. That's how the new official shop serving Clérigos tower and museum in Porto, remodelled using Innovus, is described. 

The Wild Oak Brown (M6287) decor with the Fusion texture and the classic Prime White (B3768) decor brought life and a new approach to this space that welcomes thousands of visitors every day. The combination of the warm touch of the wood structure and the warm shades of the space results in a cosy, modern ambience. 

For António Tavares, executive director of Clérigos Tower, Innovus decorative panels were an excellent choice for this project “for the durability and decorative beauty they bring to the shop furniture. Innovus’ vast portfolio has always paved the way for the imagination to come up with different solutions”.

The team involved in the project were very excited to be working with Innovus products from the outset as “they already knew about the product and its exceptional quality”. “Confidence in Innovus and in the outcome was assured”, he added. “It’s certainly a product Portugal should be proud of”.